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The Naked Truth Movement

Apr 3, 2019

In this week's episode of The Naked Truth Movement we talk with Kim McIntyre about what prompted her healing journey, how she became a certified laughter leader, how she overcame her shyness, and more. 

Kim teaches people how to live with less stress and more joy. Throughout her life she has challenged herself to expand her comfort
zone—from overcoming shyness, to performing a one-woman show
in New York, to becoming a teacher and speaker, to healing fear of deep water, to launching an online business (an endeavor that has her
frequently reaching for every tool in her stress relief toolbox!). Her natural curiosity and love of self-discovery has lead her to receive many certifications, including: Stress Relief Specialist, Yoga Teacher, Transformational Coach, Interfaith Minister, and Certified Laughter Leader (Yes, there really is such a thing!). She’s taught a weekly yoga and meditation class since 2005 and has been collecting Stress Relief Tools for three decades. She shares her favorites through her website, and through her weekly newsletter, The Joyful Being Experience.

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