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The Naked Truth Movement

Apr 18, 2019

In this episode of The Naked Truth Movement we talk with Simone McQueen Axton about the lessons she's learned on her healing journey, why we stay in situations that are bad for us, and more. 

Simone McQueen Axton is an Author, Speaker, Intuitive Guide and Change Agent. She is passionate about assisting individuals to reclaim and reconnect with who they truly are, so they can create what they desire in life. Simone is the author of Discovering the Power of Vulnerability’...’ the truth in you’ which is due for release in mid-July of this year. She believes that your willingness to be vulnerable is the key to re-connecting with yourself and others. Simone discovered the power of vulnerability through her own journey. For the majority of Simone’s life she struggled and battled with emotional trauma and physical pain and was stuck in survival mode for many years. Through investment and self-help she has transformed and recreated her life. Simone is the queen of manifestation and has empowered her life through being open and vulnerable. Simone has made it her mission to share the lessons and wisdom she has embodied.

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