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The Naked Truth Movement

Nov 20, 2018

In this episode of the Naked Truth Movement, we talk with Dr. Shana Compton about going through brain surgery, how to use body language, and more. Dr. Shana Compton teaches you how to communicate effectively with others by utilizing your body language to send the right messages. She also prepares you to analyze the movements of the people around you to uncover signs of discomfort, stress, anger, fear, and much more so you can better serve your customers, be a present parent, and a supportive friend. She explains the sixth sense or “intuition” is the information your body gives away and is amazed at what you can discover about other people after learning how to read and utilize body language and micro-expressions. You will be able to spot the right clues and use this secret language to decipher what other people feel. She will give you real-world skills that you can implement immediately to accomplish your goals and achieve true lifelong success.,

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