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The Naked Truth Movement

Apr 24, 2019

In this episode of The Naked Truth Movement we talk with Michelle Rankin about her weight loss journey, cancer, infertility, how she became a health coach, and more. 

Michelle Rankin aka the Low Carb Cavegirl, helps women who have tried every diet that exists to quit sabotaging their own weight loss efforts and reach their goal for good. She's a wife, an adoptive mama, a mad lover of coffee, a terrible dancer, a big time foodie, an okay cook, a terrible housekeeper, an avid traveler, a cancer survivor, and a huge fan of putting her hands in the dirt and her toes in the sand. Fueled by what she’s learned on her own lifelong health journey, she’s helped hundreds of women get off the rollercoaster of diet insanity by changing their core identity around food, diet, and body. Her pet peeve is weight loss advice being doled out by those who have never struggled themselves. Hummus and wine are her weaknesses and she dreams of living on a sailboat where palm trees grow. 
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