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The Naked Truth Movement

Jul 11, 2019

In this episode of The Naked Truth Movement we talk with DesiRae Kraft about her journey of becoming an empowerment coach, how she dealt with her parent's tragic accident, and more. 

DesiRae Kraft is a sensual empowerment coach and a clairvoyant for high-achieving female leaders. So they can stop hustling out of alignment to reconnect to their feminine power, sensuality, and intuition. After building a 14-year career in finance she still felt disempowered, disconnected, and unfulfilled in life. She craved to break free of the cycles of repeating patterns and societal means. After her parent’s tragic accident in 2012, she had a spiritual awakening where she learned about her spiritual gifts and how to fall madly in love with her self and life and help others do the same. She transformed her own life over 3 years and in 2016 left the corporate world and started her coaching business. DesiRae is a certified coach and in her programs, she has helped hundreds of clients by utilizing her 15 years of experience in Psychology, Holistic Health, Energy Work, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine.