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The Naked Truth Movement

Jan 3, 2019

In this episode of The Naked Truth Movement, we talk with Rachel Hunt-Bailey about her journey of going from being a nationally ranked figure skater to becoming a certified life coach and helping others to realize their dreams. 

Rachel Hunt-Bailey is a certified Life Coach, health and fitness coach, and a credentialed teacher. Through her coaching business, Dream Life Coaching, Rachel helps others set aside their limiting beliefs and reach for their most outrageous dreams. When Rachel was a child, she aspired to be a nationally ranked competitive figure skater; however those around her did not think she had what it took to make it to Nationals. Despite the doubters, her own fears, and several injuries, Rachel went to the United States Synchronized Skating Nationals in 2015, and took home the 4th place Pewter medal! Although she didn’t take home the gold, her dream of winning a National medal showed Rachel that with enough determination, you really can accomplish anything. 




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