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The Naked Truth Movement

May 7, 2019

In this episode of The Naked Truth Movement we talk with Lisa LaJoie about her journey of becoming an intuitive, how she helps others to tap into their intuition, and more. 
Lisa LaJoie is an intuitive for business owners, a clairvoyant coach, speaker, intuitive intelligence expert and owner of the empowerment company Tapping Into It, Inc. She was born with the gift of receiving intuitive messages as a natural born clairvoyant.Today, she uses this gift to tune in and help people navigate life changing experiences, reach new business successes, find their passion, skyrocket their abundance with the law of attraction and connect to their higher calling. Lisa creates and offers groundbreaking courses and workshops and hosts international enlightenment retreats that are geared towards elevating all levels of consciousness, creating dreams, business and spiritual practice. LaJoie is the creator and host of From Misfit to Mystic, an inspirational radio podcast showcasing evolutionary conscious leaders from all over the world who have taken themselves from feeling unworthy and out of place to confidently creating the life of their dreams. The show highlights the impact they make in the world with their powerful purpose and how they manifest their magnificence daily.