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The Naked Truth Movement

Jun 25, 2019

In this episode of The Naked Truth Movement we talk with Yuri Choi about her journey of losing her dad to cancer, becoming a coach, her biggest challenge with publishing her book, and more. 

Yuri Choi is a performance and fulfillment coach for entrepreneurs and top performers. She helps them find fulfillment and bring authentic power back into their lives to maximize their achievement impact while living the life that they love. This is all accomplished through mindful practice, mindset training, and helping them create discipline for more impact habits.

She is also a speaker, writer and very passionate about creating lasting positive impact on people, and getting excited to publishing her first book this year. Yuri is also known as "the Connector;“ she genuinely enjoys meeting all people. She is also a yogi, artist, and lover of music when she is not serving her clients. 

Instagram: @yuri1c


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