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The Naked Truth Movement

Mar 12, 2019

In this week's episode of The Naked Truth Movement we talk with Michelle Manning-Kogler about her journey of healing and discovering the Quantum Soul process and more. 

Michelle Manning Kogler is a transformational healing specialist, medical intuitive and certified high-performance coach. She is the author of “Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing the Scars Life Leaves on the Soul,™” and the Founder of the “Quantum Soul Clearing Process™.” She is also the host of the “Epic Healing Transformations” Podcast. Michelle helps spiritually conscious entrepreneurs and business owners heal from the unexpected, catastrophic life events and losses that feel overwhelming and unbearable. She activates ambitious entrepreneurs to align with and reclaim their gifts, talents and passions to fully heal from the past, make a ton of money, become radiantly happy and healthy, and revolutionize the world with their messages and work. She certifies other professionals in the Quantum Soul Clearing Process™, facilitates live workshops and private retreats, and runs a successful private coaching practice.